The CoSN Collaborative Learning Site is a platform for CoSN’s online professional development.  All CoSN professional development offerings are based on The Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO, which is the body of knowledge defining the skill areas critical to today’s education technology leaders. It is divided into three primary areas:

  • Leadership & Vision
  • Understanding the Educational Environment
  • Managing Technology & Support Resources

Under each of these areas, the Framework further identifies specific responsibilities and the knowledge a successful CTO needs to perform these responsibilities in today’s educational environment. The Framework was created and is kept up-to-date by education technology leaders working with CoSN.

Available now on the Collaborative Learning Site:

CoSN’s CETL Exam Preparation: Become a Highly Capable School System Technology Leader

For K-12 education technology leaders, earning the CETL certification will demonstrate to your staff, superintendent, and other stakeholders that you have mastered the knowledge and skills needed to define the vision for and successfully build 21st century learning environments in your school district. These materials will help you prepare for the CETL examination.

Transition to the role of a 21st Century District Education Technology Leader
Are you a business leader who wants to get into the business of education? Are you a tech-savvy person who wants to learn more about K-12 education? This course is for you! District technology leaders come from varied career paths—some from instruction, some from the technical side, and others from the business community. This course empowers them with the range of skills and abilities needed to be educational leaders—not just technology leaders—who provide the vision for the role technology can play in innovation. 17 CEA Credits  toward CETL® recertification.

Connected Learning--Leading and Learning with Social Media

Social media has become an important part of our private and professional lives and as such, it presents new challenges and powerful learning opportunities for K–12 students and educators. The goal of this course is to allow district leaders who may not feel comfortable with social media to acquire the practical skills necessary for successful implementation of social media in their schools and communities. The 7-module course provides strategies in developing stimulating and safe learning environments that can offer substantial educational benefits of the use of social media in education. 10 CEA Credits toward CETL recertification.

Protected Student Privacy in Connected Learning

Educators, students, and parents are now benefiting from the exciting opportunities available as a result of new instructional technologies, including cloud-based technology services and mobile applications. These technologies enable rich, data-powered classroom experiences and the anytime, anywhere learning that education technologists and educators have envisioned for many years. With new possibilities, however, come challenges. As schools turn to cloud services for applications, content and data analytics, and online assessment, keeping student data private and secure becomes more difficult. This 9-module course is designed for school district leaders who need help in understanding existing privacy laws, defining best and necessary practices around privacy, and communicating effectively with their communities. 9 CEA Credits toward CETL recertification. 

Leadership for Mobile Learning

This course is designed for school leaders who want to transform their learning organizations through the thoughtful use of mobile technologies. The goal of this course is to prepare educational leaders to plan, implement, and evaluate mobile learning initiatives using a sound knowledge base and exemplars of best practice. CoSN's Leadership for Mobile Learning (LML) initiative helps educational leaders overcome the barriers and develop, plan, implement, and manage policies and best practices to effectively enable mobile learning. Digital transformation is becoming a reality in many districts, while others are just beginning their journey. The LML initiative provides resources that are on-point and relevant to district leaders in the “new normal” of constant change. 6 CEA Credits toward CETL recertification. 

Building Team Leadership for a Digital Transformation

Leading and guiding a district towards its vision in the digital age can be both thrilling and daunting, presenting both opportunities and challenges. Education technology is a growing part of any superintendent’s role, and superintendents are responsible for ensuring their districts embrace transformative digital learning. CTOs and other school technology leaders are charged with making smart use of technology and helping to ensure technology is used in effective ways to support student learning and teacher and staff effectiveness. For both superintendents and CTOs, ed tech initiatives can inspire a lot of excitement but also bring a lot of trepidation. The goal of this course is to give district leaders a new perspective on the most important things they need to do to collaborate, support, and leverage their team to achieve effective 21st century learning environments. A team approach to technology leadership will help superintendents and CTOs work as allies to realize transformative learning environments that are engaging and results-oriented and pursue digital conversions for student learning. 9 CEA Credits toward CETL recertification. 

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